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Successful property owners know that amenities keep renters happy. Every year, in-unit laundry remains one of the most in-demand amenities for multi-family properties. Renters crave the freedom and convenience that come with tackling this chore on their own schedule – but the logistical aspects of adding in-unit laundry can seem daunting. That is, until you consider ventless dryers.

If you’re considering upgrading your property with in-unit ventless laundry, you likely have a few questions. Download our Ventless Dryer FAQ for answers to some of the most common questions we hear about ventless laundry.

  1. How long are ventless dryer cycles?
  2. Can ventless dryers wash any load?
  3. How large (or small) are ventless dryers?
  4. What dry cycles are available on ventless dryers?
  5. Are ventless dryers energy efficient?

Discover the many benefits of ventless laundry. Download the Ventless Dryer FAQ.