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Posted by Richard Mertz on January 26, 2017

In-unit laundry is a sought-after amenity, and the advances in laundry technology have made adding in-unit laundry easier than ever. In-unit laundry can increase property value, reduce turnover and increase rent and resale values.

The Multi-Family Executive explained that renters from Millennials to Baby Boomers are savvy, well-informed advocates of sustainability, who will seek out rental opportunities that align with their values.

Access to private laundry is an important consideration when searching for a new place to rent. In fact, laundry ranked #1 on’s list of amenities most desired by renters, and Landlord Property management Magazine includes upgraded laundry facilities as a top opportunity to increase net operating income while keeping operating expenses at a minimum.

Multi-family housing complexes that offer in-unit laundry are viewed more positively in the market, and they stand out among the competition. Adding in-unit laundry attracts quality renters because it saves time, money and energy.

Despite the benefits of incorporating in-unit laundry into new or existing properties, many of our conversations with customers in the multi-family housing industry begin by clearing up some common confusion about in-unit laundry, the appliances and how they work.

Adding in-unit laundry doesn’t have to be a hassle. It’s an asset on so many levels, and is a relatively quick upgrade that instantly boosts property value. It’s a smart investment for property managers or owners who:

  • Oversee renovations on existing properties
  • Manage construction projects
  • Operate multi-family housing units

FJS Distributors is here to help. We want to earn trust and business by demonstrating our knowledge and value through our experiences – our goal is to become our customer’s trusted appliance advisor
for life.

In this whitepaper, we cover three myths about in-unit laundry and corresponding truths that can boost property value and make managing properties seamless.



Written by Richard Mertz

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