The Best Laundry Appliances for Apartments

Posted by FJS Distributors, Inc. on January 23, 2018

Year after year, in-unit laundry is one of the most highly-sought after amenities in the multi-family housing industry. Residents want to do laundry on their own schedules, and they’re willing to pay higher rents for the convenience of having in-unit laundry.

If you’re interested in just how much renters will pay across the country, check out NAA’s research on Adding Value in the Age of Amenity Wars.

Adding in-unit laundry is a smart investment for property managers who are:

  • Overseeing renovations on an existing property

    Adding in-unit laundry appliances is a no-brainer when renovating multi-family spaces. Bulk-buying options and easy installations offer savings that add up fast. You’ll see retention rates skyrocket – even after increasing rents $50-$100 per unit.

  • Managing a new construction project

    The best time to incorporate in-unit laundry is before it’s built. That way, you can plan for installs in the most convenient locations for residents and builders alike. Even just incorporating closets or under-counter spaces for future laundry installations will be beneficial in the long run.

  • Operating multi-family housing units

    Adding in-unit laundry is possible even without major renovation plans. With ventless laundry, you can install just about anywhere. Give your residents a reason to renew their lease for years to come and entice new renters with the amenities they crave.

Installing in-unit laundry is certainly an investment, one that multi-family property owners must consider carefully. We’ve outlined the cost and payoff of adding in-unit laundry extensively in the past, and we can tell you this: in-unit laundry pays off quickly.

The trick is adding ventless laundry appliances. Traditional, vented dryers simply pale in comparison to the savings and convenience associated with ventless laundry.

Ventless Laundry Misconceptions

Back when ventless dryers and washer/dryer combos were first used in the United States, they weren’t sold with any education. As a result, they were often used incorrectly. Because many people didn’t understand how they worked, the machines didn’t perform optimally and were unfairly given a bad reputation.

Ventless condensing dryers operate differently than conventional vented dryers. The perception is ventless dryers don’t dry clothes. In actuality, ventless dryers dry very well, and typically better than conventional units. Even with longer run times, ventless dryers are energy savers.

We’ve been in the ventless laundry business for many years, and we’ve heard quite a few misconceptions that we’d like to clear up in our Six Truths About Ventless Dryers tip sheet.

We know that once you understand the many truths and positive benefits surrounding ventless laundry, you’ll want to explore your options for upgrading your properties.

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