Stackable vs. Combo Ventless Laundry Solutions_Tip Sheet

Posted by Richard Mertz on May 19, 2016

When it comes to property management, you know your stuff.

You know, for example, that in-unit laundry is one of the most desirable amenities in any rental property, be it a condo, an apartment or a multi-family housing unit.You probably know that adding in-unit laundry allows you to increase rent by $50-100 per month, per unit – and you’ll increase property resale value and decrease turnover at the same time.

Unfortunately, adding in-unit laundry can be an operational nightmare, especially if retrofitting an older property. Vented dryers in particular introduce a host of headaches, from vent run length limits to the need for industrial HVAC systems to provide massive volumes of makeup air.

But there’s a way to get the benefits of in-unit laundry without the headaches – even if you have an older property or a limited budget.

FJS has put together a free PDF tip sheet to help you do just that.


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Written by Richard Mertz

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